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anne sulikowski website

Anne Sulikowski | Musician

Journey with Anne as she takes you through experimental sound design, guitar pedal demos and visual art.

Eye Spot Silver Works | Artisan Jewelry

One of a kind, delicately crafted jewelry by a Kerry, a talented Canadian silversmith.

Piece of Mind | Art Exhibition

Piece of Mind art exhibition is aimed to support artists in the Niagara Region who experience mental illness by giving them a platform to showcase their art work.

Durham Osteopathy

Bring your body back into balance naturally with Durham Osteopathy an Osteopathic Manual Practice serving the Durham Region. 

helen's water wellness

Helen's Water Wellness

Let water enrich your life and not just any water, Kangen Water! Learn about the properties of Kangen Water and hear testimonials about this life changing water ionizer.

Monarch Property Management

Looking for a property manager for your income property? Or maybe you want information on renting in Hamilton? Monarch Property Management is exactly who you’re looking for!

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